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    Some companies are specialized in assembly stations,
    others in calibration equipment, someone else to testing stands.
    ACT is capable to integrate all these different experiences,
    providing its customers complete solutions.

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    Each client is different: everyone requires a solution tailored to his specific needs.
    Giving voice to different requirements is our main goal,
    striving to find custom-designed solutions for you.

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    The flexibility which characterizes the ACT team is extremely important:
    all our products come from the deep knowledge of a particular and unique need.
    In this sense, we work to measure, adapting our skills
    to each single customer’s requirement.

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    Our applied research background and our operative and process expertise
    allow ACT to develop tailor made solutions for our Customers’ specific needs.
    This approach has brought ACT to develop highly innovative
    and pioneering solutions in different industrial automation technical fields.

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    ACT solutions are the reliable and effective outcome
    of various challenges successfully solved
    with passion and competence over the years.

ACT who we are

Assembly, Calibration and Test
ACT is a solution provider for factory automation, offering a complete choice of products, ranging from OEM standard components, based in
Europe, India and China.

ACT takes benefit of sharing its members' long-term based know-how and product portfolio to maximize the offer of the market.


Turn-key factory automation equipment

ACT designs and produces standard and custom automation equipment using pneumatic and servo-actuated assembly and testing operations, ranging from low-volumes stand-alone stands to full-automatic, high speed lines.


Worldwide Locations

ACT is directly present in its three main areas of operation: Europe, India and China. The team members, with the strength of 30 million Euros turnover, 300 people staff and more than 40 years of experience, are directly involved in company’s structure and daily-business.


Operative headquarters
Via F.lli Berra, 41 
10080 Ozegna (TO) ITALY
Tel. + 39 0124-418274

Registered Office
Corso G. Matteotti,30
10121 Torino (TO) ITALY


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